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Our Test Kitchen has developed a range of recipes for you to enjoy using your FPM flour. Check back regularly for more updates!

Classic White Sourdough

Have you always wanted to try making sourdough but not sure where to begin? Try out this recipe for Classic White Sourdough, with step-by-step instructions, perfect for beginners.


Christmas Gin Inspired Fruit & Seed Sourdough

Features apricots, dates, figs, currants and sunflower seeds, soaked in the Four Pillars limited edition Christmas Gin, plus a liberal sprinkling of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves.

Fabulous 7 Grain Sourdough

A recipe designed especially for the grain lovers! This delightfully crusty loaf includes our AllGrain Purple 100% Stoneground Wholemeal Flour, as well the AllGrain 7 Grain Concentrate.

Olive & Chilli Sourdough

Our Test Kitchen developed this recipe which features chillis, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, capers and garlic plus a liberal sprinkling of oregano and basil. We love the combination of classic Italian flavours in this one! 

Gouda, Green Olive and Jalapeño Sourdough

It's hard to beat the combination of Dutch Gouda, pickled jalapeños and jalapeño-stuffed green olives. It's cheesy, spicy and most of all, incredibly moreish.

Quirky Quinoa Sourdough

Incorporate the plant protein and fibre of quinoa along with its distinctive nutty taste in this twist on our Classic White Sourdough.

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