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About Us


FPM Cereal Milling Systems commenced flour milling operations at Tamworth in 2004 with a basic philosophy of doing things differently to the major, overseas owned milling groups that dominate the Australian flour market. 

Having worked for decades in a number of larger grain processing companies, it became apparent to us that there was a significant disconnect between the farmer growing the wheat or other grain, the miller processing it into flour, the baker and other user of flours and finally the consumer.  It was also apparent at the time that there was a small, but growing movement by consumers to better understand the origins of the food they consumed and a desire to have confidence that it was being produced in the most sustainable possible way.  This forms part of what we refer to as 'Identity Preserved'.

FPM's Tamworth base places us in a great position to facilitate two-way communication between the farmer and the baker, the result of which are better performing flours for each application.  Feedback we receive from bakers allows us to advise farmers of the preferred varieties, while information we get from farmers relating to seasonal growing conditions is provided to bakers to allow them to have informed conversations with their customers.  FPM's ability to source and segregate specific varieties of grain from particular farmers allows us to provide 'Single Origin' flours for best, most consistent results.

Tamworth was chosen as the location of our mill, not only for its proximity to some of the richest wheat growing farmland in New South Wales, but it provides us with easy access to the major metropolitan markets of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. A strong affiliation with transport companies, both local and interstate ensures products are delivered in a timely manner to meet our customers’ needs. We offer the flexibility to tailor transport arrangements to meet such needs or the alternative of customers arranging private transport depending on the size of the order and product range purchased.

FPM also recognises the importance of adhering to stringent product quality and safety standards to ensure products meet the highest levels of consistency and reliability.  Our company holds both HACCP and ISO accreditation and continually strives to not only maintain the high standards required for such accreditation but improve wherever possible.

Being an Australian owned and independently operated company, FPM can provide specialised service and attention to detail ensuring optimum product performance.

Products milled by FPM are marketed under the 'ALL GRAIN' brand.

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