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FPM Cereal Milling Systems, an independent milling company located in the industrial business district of Tamworth, New South Wales was established initially in 2004 as a test mill to investigate an innovative flour milling process designed decades earlier (by two of the partners in our business). Following a very successful trial process which involved an extended period of design alteration and fine tuning, FPM’s capability to mill a wide range of grains and create many niche products was discovered.  This range of niche products continues to grow and our ability to create such products or tailor a product specifically to meet a particular customer’s requirements make FPM not only an innovative, forward thinking company but a unique supplier to the marketplace.  As an added service FPM can consult and advise regarding adding value to your business through product enhancement.


Tamworth was chosen as the location of our factory not only for its proximity to some of the richest wheat growing farmland in New South Wales, but to position ourselves with easy access to the major metropolitan areas of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. A strong affiliation with transport companies, both local and interstate ensures products are delivered in a timely fashion to meet our customers’ needs. We offer the flexibility to tailor transport arrangements to meet such needs or the alternative of customers arranging private transport depending on the size of the order and product range purchased.


Being a totally independent milling company FPM is in the unique position of being able to carefully select premium grains from our well established group of growers. The majority of these suppliers have the advantage of many generations of farming expertise which when combined with FPM’s thorough knowledge of milling practice ensures our customers’ finished products are of the highest possible quality.  An added advantage in FPM buying grain directly from our growers is the avoidance of any additional processing costs.


FPM also recognises the importance of adhering to stringent product quality and safety standards to ensure the highest levels of consistence and reliability.  Our company holds both HACCP and ISO accreditation and continually strives to not only maintain the high standards required for such accreditation but improve wherever possible.

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